The Invitation

I’ve recently run into many people who are in the same boat as me, feeling restless in life. We so desperately want more than this (whatever “this” is). We all want to find our dream job, move out of our parents’ houses, go on grand adventures, accomplish great things, and eventually have families of our own, more or less. But how do we get there from here, we wonder?

Before you start thinking that I’m going to share with you all the secrets to answering those questions before you have to spend another day at your dead-end job, let me be the first to tell you that I don’t have it all figured out. Not even close. I am closer than I was yesterday, but I have a long way to go, my friends. And I hope you will join me as I learn more every day.

I am carving out this space as a place where I can be authentic in times of success and in times of failure, sharing tidbits of knowledge I’ve gleaned, providing inspiration from others’ words I have come across, sharing my wandering journey in this crazy thing called life, and giving others the opportunity to come alongside me in the messiness that is real life.

May you find a place here where you can be your truest self, living real life in relationship with other real people. I hope you laugh, find encouragement, identify with stories shared, and maybe learn a little bit more about yourself along the way, as we discover ways to live like love.


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