Using Your Voice

We are called to speak up for those who can’t speak up for themselves, to defend and protect and care for the poor, sick, and lowly of our world. We all feel compassion for the children on TV commercials, but how often do we do anything about the pain and suffering in our world? How often do we instead change the channel and turn our thoughts to more pleasant subjects?

These are issues that are of far greater significance. These are things that bear eternal weight. Loving others is one of the greatest things we can do in this world, and using our resources, voices, and connections to do so is a wonderful example of putting love into action. Love does things. Love speaks up. If we want anything to change, we need to be willing to act and fight for change.

I’ve been following Lindsay from Pinch of Yum for a while, and I really like the recipes and anecdotes that she shares. I feel a special connection to her because we live in the same area, but today, my heart leapt for joy at reading her post about work being done at a children’s center in the Philippines. She took a bold step in diverting from the normal conversation topics on her blog and ventured into vulnerable territory, sharing stories from her time spent there at the Children’s Shelter of Cebu and showing how amazing the work being done there is. She is challenging her readers to support the work being done by helping provide food for the kids the shelter expects to gain this year, and I think that is definitely a worthwhile investment. Instead of spending so much money on ourselves, will we take the leap and pour our resources into something more eternal? Will we help fund something far more significant?

I’ve been praying for greater direction in how I manage my finances, seeking ways to make contributions to worthy causes that will make my money go much farther than I ever could. And this is an answer to that prayer. I personally have decided to support The Children’s Shelter of Cebu as a part of Pinch of Yum’s 5-day campaign to raise enough money to feed the 20 kids the center expects to gain this year, and I hope some of you might choose to join me.

This is a chance for us to make an impact on our world, to help others, and to support some amazing work being done on the other side of the world. I understand some of you might not be financially able to support this cause, or might not be interested, and that’s okay. But I hope some of you will be encouraged to use this opportunity to make a positive difference. And if you choose not to participate, I encourage you to think about other ways you can put whatever resources you have to use in supporting an organization that you value (I know there are many, many great causes out there that deserve our support), because as Mahatma Gandhi said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”