20 Somethings

Beautifully written piece of convicting truth– what are we spending our lives on? What purpose are we working toward? A reminder to run toward the things that have captured our hearts with reckless abandon.

    This post goes out to all my 20 somethings out there.  This one is for the dreamers, the doers, and the believers.  For my closest friends who have dreamt with me and cried with me through this last season of paying attention to what God is doing. For those near and far who are desperately longing to see change in our generation. This is for anyone whose dreams are more like a bucket full of sweat and tears.  This is for those who feel a restlessness in your soul.

   The pounding in your chest, the tingle in your toes, the sleepless nights, and the way your eye’s light up, are like flares being lit to remind you that your heart beats for something that is bigger than yourself.  The world needs you to live, dance, breathe, and create as only you were…

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